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Healthy Cooking Class by Eat Smart

Have you ever imagined that you can enjoy your favorite foods in a delicious and healthier way?

With Eat Smart Healthy Cooking Class, you will learn to cook delicious and healthy meals in a fun, informative and practical ways. Be it Nasi Lemak, Chicken Rendang or Pasembor, when we cook, it becomes a healthier food! Besides the Asian delights, our fusion delights are equally popular for you to learn and discover!

Our aim: To share our culinary experience and nutritional information to enable you to cook great, healthy and tasty meals.

Why choose Eat Smart cooking class?

Classes are conducted by experience and foodie dietitians who
  • like to cook, enjoy eating and constantly exploring new recipes
  • have years of experience in developing healthy recipes, conducting healthy cooking classes and demonstrations
  • contribute healthy recipes and healthy cooking tips to medias
  • and also the advisor for healthy cookbooks
Learn to cook scrumptious meals, delicious desserts in a healthier way
Learn the tricks from our dietitians. You can cook delicious local street foods like Nasi Lemak and Pasembor to even international gourmet like Tacos and Fajitas, all in a healthier way!
Suitable for anyone! No prior cooking experience needed
Our dietitians will provide step by step guidance to participants. You can easily replicate it at home!
Fun and enjoyable
Our cooking class is full on fun and interactions, along with the nice smell from the foods!

Hear what our customers said about our healthy cooking classes..

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“I enjoyed their cooking lesson, it is informative and fun. The dietitian is very knowledgeable. I had tried all the recipes at home. My husband and kids like the foods too.” Mrs Liew

“It is a good learning experience for me. The healthy cooking tips shared are very useful!” Chandra

“The cooking class is helpful to me, it saves me time and energy to prepare a healthy meal now! Most importantly, the foods are tasty! Thanks.” Elly

“It is a very well done cooking class. I’ve learned a lot from their classes. I am also more confident in managing my diabetes now.” Fazirah

It is more than a normal cooking class, our healthy cooking classes are also designed for you to learn about nutrition in a fun and informative way to help you improve your health!

If you like food and want to be healthy, come and join us!

You will get 10% discount for joining all the subsequent classes! Call 03-9212 9670 to register for our healthy cooking class today.

Why learn to cook with our dietitian
We are what we eat. Healthy cooking can improve your health and help you to manage your medical conditions better. You may have overwhelmed by a lot of information out there telling you which foods are good for you or you may get confused with all the different information you obtained online. So, are they food myths or facts? Let’s get it right at Eat Smart cooking lessons.
  • Besides cooking, you can learn nutritional benefits of foods with our dietitian who is well trained and experienced in this area.
  • Our accredited practicing dietitians like to cook, enjoy eating and explore new recipes!
  • With years of experience in cooking and strong background and knowledge in nutrition, our foodie dietitians are real healthy cooking ‘gurus’.
  • Our dietitians also have vast experience in developing healthy recipes, conducting healthy cooking classes and demonstrations for community and patients with specific medical conditions.
  • Furthermore, our dietitians also actively involved in promoting healthy cooking through contribution of healthy recipes and healthy cooking tips to medias such as health magazine and newspaper. They have been advisors for healthy cookbooks and also conducted basic nutrition class for chefs and cooks in healthcare institution too.
  • As our cooking lessons are led by dietitians, you will get to learn the nutrition benefits of the foods, healthier ingredients selection and cooking method, together with the techniques and tips. Also, you will get to know tips to save time for your food preparation and actual cooking.
  • By attending our nutrition cooking class together with our dietitian, you can learn and apply nutrition knowledge better as it gives you all the 5 sensory exposures. You will see, listen, smell, touch and taste the foods!
  • Cooking class with dietitian also increase your health awareness, inspire you to eat healthily and embrace mindful eating concept.

Our cooking class schedule 

We offer a wide range of healthy cooking class to suit everyone. All the cooking classes are conducted by our accredited practicing dietitians.

Asian Delights
Learn to cook Malaysian, Nyonya and Thai delights with us!
Fusion Delights
With our expertise in developing new recipes, we share with you some exciting healthy dishes from the combination of different cultures with surprising flavour!
Breakfast – Let’s break the fast
  • It is important to start a day with great and healthy breakfast to fuel you up.
  • Research shows that people who eat breakfast are smarter!
  • Research also shows that people who skip their breakfast tend to be overweight or obese compared with people who eat breakfast.

It is more than cereal with cold milk, join us to learn and prepare a few wholesome breakfast which made in easy way.

Lunchbox – food on go
  • Want to lose weight but hindered by undesirable food choices nearby your office?
  • Keen to achieve your health goals but faced challenge by poor food choices around?
  • Want to eat well and get some rest during your lunch break?
  • Get fed up when taking a long time looking for a parking space when eating out during peak lunch hour?
  • No food to eat because of lunch meeting?
  • Expensive eatery place or restaurant nearby your office?
  • Boring of bringing your typical sandwich and salad again?

We hear you! Come to learn to prepare your own healthy lunchbox in less than 30 mins! They are not just quick and easy, also great and tasty!

Healthy cooking 101
  • Want to prepare a healthy, scrumptious dinner for your family and friends?
  • Trying to achieve some health goals?
  • Want to cook healthily yet do not want to compromise the taste?

Join our class to learn healthy cooking and enjoy the mouthwatering dishes. Great opportunity to learn nutritional benefits of the foods, healthier ingredients selection, time saving and cost saving tips.

Quick and easy dinner
  • Get boring of eating out all the days, looking for something you can cook after work with limited time and energy left?
  • Dread of long waiting time for the food to be served during dinner peak hours?
  • Want to save cost from eating out?
  • Want to lose weight or improve medical conditions but get stuck by poor food choices available?

It is time for you to explore some delicious, healthy and balanced meal in less than 30mins preparation time. This is also a perfect cooking class for couples who are both working on day time. Healthy, quick and easy dinner preparation is fun and practical if you know the tips and shortcuts!

Heart healthy cooking
  • Love your heart? Come to learn some foods and dishes which are rich in heart protective agents.
  • You will discover it can be so simple to incorporate these heart healthy foods into your daily life.

Join us to learn how to prepare heartily meals in practical and affordable ways.

Local street food
Craving for Curry Mee, Pasembor and many more?
Oh! My veggie
  • You know the benefits of eating vegetables, but hardly having them in your diet.
  • You may notice the challenge of getting sufficient vegetable from eating out?
  • Learn ways to incorporate vegetables in different ways in your diet.
  • You still can gain the benefits of eating vegetable even if you are short of time.
  • This is also perfect for those who dislike vegetable or have no idea how to make vegetable palatable on the dining table.
  • It is also suitable for mommies who are having hard time to make their kids swallow another piece of vegetable.

Join us and learn to be creative. Cook out of the box!

Healthy aging
  • We need more nutrient when we age, but, many elderlies are not getting sufficient nutrients from their diet or have reduced in their appetite due to the change of their taste buds.
  • We acknowledge this problem and look seriously into this matter.
  • We believe everyone should age gracefully and still eat well.
  • We aim to promote healthy aging nutrition to elderly through healthy cooking with great taste!
  • This is a perfect cooking class for families with elderly at home.

**We also provide corporate cooking class, cooking demonstration and corporate team building cooking class to meet your business objective. Call us to discuss further on how we can do it for your organisation.

Eat well and live well. Register for our healthy cooking class today. Call 03-9212 9670 now!’

Healthy eating is a lifestyle!

We believe everyone can cook and eat healthily. Join our cooking class to discover more! Call 03-9212 9670 now.

Cooking Class For Chronic Disease Management

We also offer a series of nutrition cooking classes on specific topics for people with special need to manage their chronic conditions like dyslipidemia, diabetes and hypertension.

Cook smart, eat smart to reduce your blood cholesterol

  • Want to avoid increasing dosage of medication to control your blood cholesterol?
  • Keen for diet control for your blood cholesterol?
  • Asked by your doctor to watch your diet but not sure how to do so?
  • Healthy eating does not mean to be boring!

Learn how to reduce bad fats, incorporate good fats and getting more fibre especially soluble fibre into your diet daily. This class is suitable for people with high blood cholesterol or high triglyceride.

Cook smart, eat smart to reduce your blood sugar

  • Learn to go easy with carbs control.
  • Learn about low GI, benefits of the fibre for your blood sugar control.
  • Learn how low fat diet helps.

It is more than cutting down your sugar intake! This class is suitable for people with diabetes and pre-diabetes.

Cook smart, eat smart to reduce blood pressure

  • Learn how to reduce your blood pressure.
  • It is more than just control your salt intake.

This class is suitable for people with high blood pressure.

Join Healthy Cooking Class with Eat Smart!

Healthy cooking can be fun and easy! Call us now 03-9212 9670 to register your class!