Corporate Team Building Cooking Class


Why cooking for team building?

Corporate team building cooking class is a fun and interactive indoor activity that can helps to achieve corporate team building objective. It is also a great company activity to get along the team members to work together especially when there are new staffs coming onboard or have some regional colleague or conference delegates in the town. Corporate cooking team building can also be used as a reward for staffs or to inspire and motivate them to perform better at workplace.

Eat Smart Corporate Cooking Team Building

Why not make the sessions more exciting, fun and memorable by preparing your own meals? Unlike other team building activities, you do not need to go somewhere else for meals, but just enjoy the meals you prepared together at our comfortable dining place. We believe foods bring people together. Great foods and good laugh makes your team building activity more impactful.

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Why choose our corporate culinary team building?

Our corporate cooking team building can help you to build:

  • Team work
  • Team bonding and engagement
  • Integrity
  • Improve team relationship
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Cooperation
  • Positive morale

Our corporate team building cooking classes is facilitated in a way that help your staff to develop natural positive connections among them and strengthen collaboration to achieve shared goals. Good communication and relationships between employees contribute to increased productivity and happy working environment in organization. It also helps to retain staffs. Besides, our cooking team building activities also designed for you to:

  • Unlock your potential
  • Discover your hidden talent
  • Enjoy healthy competition
  • Accept culture diversity
  • Respect others’ opinions
  • Build trust among team members
  • Recognize individual efforts
  • Experience shared goals’ accomplishment and success
  • Display planning skill
  • Boost your creativity and think ‘out of the box’
  • Apply time management skill
  • Display decision making skill
  • Display job delegation skill
  • Display problem solving skill
  • Take ownership for work and outcome 

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Our cooking corporate team building is a powerful team building activity for your staff to prove to themselves that through communication, cooperation, trust on each other, proper planning and time management, they can overcome the challenge and yet enjoy the process!

We guarantee that employees will return to workplace feeling more enthusiastic, positive, motivated and able to work as a team and replicate their successful team experience.

Our team building cooking activities are designed and structured in a way that allowed employer to even use it as a valuable evaluation tool to further increase their return of investment. They may observe their staffs and teams during the cooking team building process to identify future leaders from the group, staffs who may need help when working under stress or any personality conflicts that need to be addressed.

Our team building cooking arrangement

  • Our corporate team building cooking class can be customized to help you achieve your specific business objective and learning objective. It can also be made to simply getting all team members together for a fun corporate cooking class.
  • Your staffs will enjoy free and delicious meal and lots of fun through the games and team building activities incorporated throughout the cooking session.
  • We provide you a wide range of menus selection to suit your budget and preference. All our menus and recipes used have been carefully selected to educate employees to prepare healthier meals which are also tasty! Employees can also easily replicate the meals at home.
  • We make extra milestone to incorporate an optional sharing and reflection or debrief sessions to help employees to get some good learning points and some bring home message from the team building cooking sessions.
  • Our cooking class team building is totally no stress, informal team building events with no culinary experience required. What your staffs need to prepare is wear themselves comfortable with covered shoes and bring along their appetite and a happy mind!
  • Since corporate team building cooking class is an indoor activity, you are totally worry free for the weather on that day! All corporate cooking team building activities will be carried at our private venue and all the cleaning and washing are done for you after the event. So, it is totally hassle free!

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