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The importance of choosing the right weight loss program

  • It is important to choose a good weight loss program. An effective weight loss program can help you to achieve your weight loss goals and keep the weight off for long term.
  • It should be based on energy balance concept and focus on making lifestyle positive behavioral changes in terms of dietary intake and physical activity. The approach and strategy have to be safe, sustainable and the behavioral changes must be something that you enjoy doing.
  • From medical point of view, a good weight management program must be able to fulfill and meet your body nutritional requirement even if you are cutting down your calories intake. Professional guidance by a dietitian is important in this matter as they are the only qualified professional who can help you to manage your weight in the correct manner.
  • Be careful on those programs that use fad diets or quick fix method like promoting weight loss products or supplements instead of teaching you how to make positive dietary changes. These methods are not sustainable and harmful to your health for long term.
  • Remember, you are not gaining weight overnight, so losing it will be gradual as well. A healthy weight loss is 0.5 to 1kg per week. The best person to seek for expert advice, guidance and professional support for weight loss is dietitian.

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Why choose our weight loss programs?

  • Our structured and comprehensive weight loss program is developed by dietitians who have vast experience in weight management and practicing clinical research in weight control. All the talks, workshops, cooking demonstration in this weight reduction program are conducted by our experienced and accredited practicing dietitians.
  • We provide evidence based advice and practice for weight loss. We emphasize healthy weight loss through nutritional and balanced diet with regular physical activities.
  • Our approach and strategies focus on building your nutritional education and skill to make positive dietary changes and increase your physical activities in order to help you to lose weight and manage your weight for long term. We also provide motivation and professional support for your behavioral changes.
  • Losing weight healthily. Losing weight is a journey and we are here to guide you making realistic, practical weight loss goals that fit into your lifestyle, food preference and health status.
  • You will be getting a personalized weight loss meal plan from our dietitian who will tailor a meal plan to suit your needs and lifestyle. This can only be done with an experience dietitian.
  • Our program also provides you some useful tools to manage your weight and help you to keep the weight off for long term. We make weight loss affordable.
  • We are not selling any products or supplements for weight loss nor make you dependent on any of them. We empower you making weight loss successfully through positive lifestyle and behavioral changes. This is the key success for weight management for long term.

Let us help you to achieve your weight loss goals effectively, increase your self-image and improve your health status.

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Participants’ weight loss success stories

I had spent tons of money on weight loss drink and detox supplement previously but my weight bounced back once I stop taking the drink and supplement, I was even fatter after taking all these products! I felt so frustrated and had low self confidence. I learned from my past experience that this does not work and looking for a proper way of losing weight. I decided to join weight loss program by Eat Smart. My weight actually went down about 1 kg in the second week. I continue with their approach and I managed to lose 3kg plus within 1 month. I am confidence that I can achieve my target weight in another few months’ time because I already know WHAT and HOW to do. Trust me, their program is really useful. CL - Cheras

It is not easy for me to juggle between busy working life, motherhood with a baby and weight loss. But their weight management programme helped me a lot by making some small and practical changes into my daily life. Manage to lose 5kg in 3 months. My husband was so surprised as I had never been losing weight since I gave birth. I look good and able to fit in my dress before giving birth. Big big thank you to Eat Smart. I will definitely recommend your program to my friends. Mabel - Mont Kiara

I joined their weight loss program after seeing my colleague losing weight with them. Their weight loss program is not just for women, but also for men. I learned many nutrition information from the program. I am more mindful in my eating now and start some exercise on weekend. I want to take this opportunity to thank the dietitian for the meal plan specifically planned for me to lose weight and to reduce my cholesterol. I find that it is really more than losing weight but also to improve the total well being and health. My wife joined their cooking classes to learn how to cook healthily for the whole family. And I want to tell you that healthy cooking can be tasty too!

Mr Lee - Damansara Utama

How does it work for you?

Understand energy balance concept is very useful when come to weight management. Any imbalance between your energy (calories) input and energy (calories) output can lead to weight change.

Your energy input is from the food and drink that you consume, while the energy expenditure is energy used to support your body at resting state, digest and process food and for physical activities. Our healthy weight loss programs adopt energy balance concept. Consuming lesser calories from your food intake than what you are using up from physical activities can help you to lose weight.

We are here to help you to create this negative energy deficit by making positive behavioral changes in terms of dietary intake and physical activities. Our accredited practicing dietitians are the best person who can provide you expert advice, guidance, knowledge, skill and professional support to lose weight healthily and keep it off for long term.

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What you will get from Eat Smart weight loss program?

Our weight loss programs are developed and led by experienced and accredited practicing dietitians who have helped thousands of obese or overweight people and patients to lose weight successfully. Below are the key aspects of our weight loss programs and understand how all these structured and well planned program can help you to lose weight and keep your weight off for long term.

Dietary and physical activity assessment
  • To understand your current energy input and output
  • To help you setting practical and realistic weight loss goals
A series of nutritional talks for weight loss
  • To understand energy balance concept and energy sources
  • To understand your calories requirement daily in order for you to lose weight
  • To build the knowledge and skill to make positive behavioral changes that focus -on dietary and physical activities
  • To eat smart, getting sufficient nutrients within your tight calories allowance
  • To enjoy healthy and balanced diet from a wide variety of foods from all the food groups
  • To learn tips to control craving, overeating and emotional eating
Active Living talk
  • To understand how much calories burned from different types of exercises and physical activities
  • To learn how to incorporate physical activities into daily routine based on your ability, preference and lifestyle
Weight loss support groups
  • To involve in some active discussion on some topics related to weight management in order to facilitate better learning and understanding
Cooking demonstration with food tasting session
  • To cook smart
  • To learn how to modify recipes to reduce calories
  • To learn how to cook a healthy quick meal for weight loss
  • To learn how to prepare healthy snack and dessert
  • To explore new way of cooking
Healthy recipes for home cooking
  • To get healthy recipes developed by our dietitians
Virtual supermarket tour and food label reading workshop
  • To learn how to choose better food products and ingredients when you do your grocery shopping
Healthier food trail when eating out workshop
  • To learn how to choose better food choices and tips when eating out and during social situation
Personalised meal plan
  • To get a customized meal plan to lose weight which tailored to your needs, lifestyle, food preference and health status
Educational materials
  • To get useful nutritional education materials for weight loss
Useful tools
  • To get some useful and easy to use tools to help you manage your weight for long term

The Key of successful long term weight management is to incorporate positive dietary changes into your lifestyle and be physically active.

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