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Eat Smart is a weight management and health & wellness center formed by a team of qualified dietitians (paramedical practitioners) with extensive experience in community and clinical nutrition. We specialize in weight management, corporate wellness, health promotion, chronic diseases prevention and management.

Our programs are developed and conducted by dietitians and we only advise scientific evidence based practices. We reject the saying of ‘dieting to lose weight’, rather, we promote eat smart to lose weight healthily.

Know more about Eat Smart

  • At Eat Smart, we do not provide slimming treatment like slimming centers, nor selling any weight loss products and supplements. We embrace proper and healthy ways to lose weight!
  • We providing weight loss program, corporate health and wellness programs, health talks, healthy cooking class and demonstration, supermarket tours and many more!
  • We also regularly attended to media enquiries on nutrition, weight reduction, health and wellness matters.
  • We use fun and innovative approaches to coach and make healthy eating as well as active living be part of your lifestyle!

Our Mission

We believe that everyone can have a healthy body weight and be able to enjoy a healthy living. Thus, our mission is to provide our clients the knowledge, the skill and the power to take charge of their body weight and health.

Our Vision

We aim to make nutrition and dietetic services accessible to the public rather than just in hospitals. We believe prevention is better than cure!

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