Wellness Programs

Wellness means a condition of healthy body and mental state. It is achieved through healthy lifestyle, proper and balanced diet, active living and a smoke free environment.

In this modern era, there are some common issues at workplace like low energy level, stress, poor concentration, weight gain among employees, increased percentage of staffs who are overweight and obese and also more staffs getting health problems and chronic diseases.

Corporate Wellness Programs

Corporate wellness programs at workplace have many benefits to both organization and employees. It helps to:

  1. Save money for the organizations in long term by creating a healthy and energetic workforce
  2. Increases productivity, reduces sick leave and healthcare costs.
  3. As for the staffs, health and employee wellness programs help to improve their health, wellbeing and quality of life. This is a win-win solution.

Eat Smart Corporate Health & Wellness Programs

Our workplace wellness and health promotion programs aim to improve employees’ health and wellbeing through healthy eating and making positive behavioral changes.

We focus on empowering employees to eat well and live well by providing them nutritional knowledge, building their ability and skill to eat healthily. We also emphasize on sustaining their positive behavioral changes for life. Furthermore, we help to build and cultivate a healthy workplace environment to support healthy eating and wellbeing.

We offer a wide range of wellness programmes for companies. They are conducted by our accredited practicing dietitians.

What can we do for your organization?

• Corporate health talk, health and wellness seminars and workshop
We cover various health and nutrition topics, ranging from healthy eating, healthy aging, healthy festive eating, bone health, weight management, diabetes prevention, to even diseases management for high cholesterol and many more.
• Corporate cooking classes and demonstration
This is an interactive and fun activity to learn healthy cooking and healthier ingredients selections.
• Corporate team building cooking classes and culinary team building
Corporate cooking team building is fun and helps to improve staff communication, boost co-operation and and resolve conflicts. Staffs also able to learn nutrition and healthy cooking through the culinary team building activities.
• Supermarket tour or virtual supermarket tour
This corporate wellness event focuses on educating employees to choose healthier food choices during grocery shopping. Our supermarket tour also can be tailored to staffs with special health needs or chronic diseases. Employees can learn to read food label and analyse nutritional claims made by food manufacturers.
• Healthy food trail for eating out
Most of the employees eating out everyday, therefore, it is important to obtain and master the ability to make healthier food choices when eating out. Let us know the common eatery places nearby your workplace and we will let you know which food to be enjoyed on more days and which need to be consumed less frequent.
• Office pantry and café assessment and health promotion
Pantry with healthy snacks and beverages is important to promote staff healthy eating. We can work this out for you and even work with your existing vendor. We also have recommended vendors who provide healthy snacks for companies.
• Health promotion, healthy eating and nutrition ‘love notes’
We provide employees on-going health and nutritional message through emails, newsletter, desk drops, posters, leaflets to promote health awareness and good dietary practices. It also includes nutrition information, cooking tips, healthy festive eating, healthy recipes and many more!

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Why Choose Us?

  • We provide wellness programs to all size corporate and organization from small set up to large companies.
  • We can work with you to implement health and wellness programme which suit to your company’s needs and budgets.
  • If you can’t find anything that suits you or if you have some ideas, just give us a call to discuss further. We can customize a wellness program, specially for your organization!

A 2015 study reported that employees from a cooperate who participated in any wellness program were able to save an average of USD 133 in medical cost annually. In 3-year period, it was estimated to save a total of USD 285,706, with a return on investment (ROI) of USD 4.33 for every dollar spent in the wellness programs. The amount of savings was even greater in employees with history of diabetes and heart disease. These wellness programs included lifestyle education on healthy eating and physical activity, weight loss and maintenance challenges, step counts challenges and behavioral interventions (Light et al., 2015).

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